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Buttock Augmentation


A shapely and full derriere has always been considered a physical asset and a sign of beauty. Certain celebrities (i.e., Jennifer Lopez) well endowed in this area of their anatomy have of recent brought additional attention to the value of an ample buttock size. For those individuals with underdeveloped buttocks there exist several surgical alternatives to enhance or augment this region. One approach is to augment buttock size as one would for breasts by inserting a silicone implant. However, the implants fashioned for buttock augmentation are semi-solid and more durable than those made for breasts. After all, one must sit on these implants and they are therefore designed to tolerate the weight of one’s body resting on them. Although the buttock implant is strong enough to support this weight they are also soft and spongy so as to mimic the consistency of this delicate body part. A second surgical modality for buttock augmentation utilizes the technique of fat transfer or fat grafting. Chicago Plastic Surgeon, Dr. David A. Ross uses liposuction to harvest fat from areas such as the abdomen and lower back. This fat is then injected into the buttock achieving the desired increase in size. This technique implies the need for adequate donor fat and is therefore not available to thin individuals unless they are willing to gain weight. Fat transfer also depends on the take of the graft and while some of the fat fails to survive enough usually remains to accomplish the job. Buttocks enhanced with the patient’s own fat most closely resemble the consistency of normal buttocks that are naturally composed of a high percentage of adipose tissue.


Those individuals seeking buttock enhancement who lack adequate fat to transfer and are unwilling to gain weight must choose Buttock implant surgery. There are various sizes and shapes of buttock implants made out of silicone. Trial versions of these implants can be inserted externally in underwear to help the patient visualize their desired end result. The final choice of implant size must of course be made by Chicago Plastic Surgeon, Dr. David A. Ross during the operation.

Buttock augmentation is a two hour outpatient procedure performed under a general anesthetic here at the Liposuction and Cosmetic Surgery Institute located in Chicago.  Chicago Plastic Surgeon, Dr. David A. Ross inserts the implant and performs the surgery through a 4 to 5 inch incision made in the crease between the buttocks that effectively hides the resultant scar.  The implant is positioned in a space surgically created either over or under the buttock musculature. Post operation there tends to be a fluid accumulation in this space necessitating drainage tubes for several days after surgery. It is important that the patient remain off their buttocks for a week to allow proper healing of the incision.  Physical activity in the form of athletics must be avoided for a month.

Chicago Plastic Surgeon, Dr. David A. Ross will determine if you have adequate fat to donate to yourself should you desire the fat transfer approach to buttock enlargement.  If you do not have enough adipose tissue to produce the desired result then you must be willing to gain weight.  Your fat can be taken from any area of your body that can normally undergo standard liposuction. A side benefit of fat transfer is the body contouring associated with the liposuction.  In addition, in many individuals the final shape of the augmented buttock is further enhanced by liposculpting areas peripheral to the buttocks such as the lower back and outer thighs.

Fat transfer buttock augmentation is a 3 hour outpatient procedure performed under a general anesthetic. Standard tumescent liposuction is used to harvest the fatty tissue which is then processed for injection. This process includes the filtering of the fat and the addition of antibiotics to prevent infection. The buttock is then shaped and enlarged by artistically injecting only small quantities of fat at a time to insure maximum take of the fat grafts. A hundred or more of these injections are oftentimes necessary to add the proper amount of fat. At the conclusion of the operation you will be required to wear a compression garment as is standard after liposuction. It is important that the patient remain off their buttocks for 7 to 10 days to help with the fat graft survival.

Other Procedures Performed by Dr. David Ross:

Butt Lift -
A buttock lift is performed by excising a pattern of skin extending from just above the buttock in the tail bone region upwards to the lower back. When the pattern is drawn together by sutures, the effect is to lift the buttock.

Brazilian Buttock Augmentation - Brazilian Buttock Augmentation refers to a procedure that combines liposuction and fat transfer or fat grafting. Liposuction is used to both shape the perimeter of the buttock as well as to harvest fat from elsewhere in the patient’s body. This fat is then grafted to the buttock to augment and further shape the buttock.



Risks of infection and bleeding are associated with both Implant Surgery and Fat Transfer buttock augmentation. Malposition and scar tissue contracture are problems common only to implant surgery.


Though the above information is accurate, it is also incomplete. The best way to determine that you are a candidate for butt implants surgery/butt augmentation and the cost of butt implants surgery is to schedule a personal consultation with Board Certified Chicago Plastic Surgeon, Dr. David A. Ross of the Liposuction and Cosmetic Surgery Institute located in Chicago, Oak Brook, Naperville or Arlington Heights, Illinois. Dr. David A. Ross can critically analyze your buttocks and evaluate your aesthetic desires. That way Chicago Plastic Surgeon, Dr. David A. Ross can form a plan to determine how to achieve your aesthetic goals.