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Ear Pinning Procedure (Otoplasty)

If You're Considering Ear Pinning (Otoplasty)

Prominent or protruding ears can be a source of embarrassment and ridicule oftentimes beginning in ones grade school years. The ear is completely developed by five years of age and therefore even young children with protruding ears can be the butt of mean spirited jokes of their peers. In an effort to hide their ears from view individuals with prominent ears tend to maintain long hair styles to camouflage their problem. The operation known as Otoplasty is designed to set back the protruding to a normal location eliminating the stigmata of a prominent ear. This can be of great value for the young children with protruding ears by preventing the psychological damage associated with the constant teasing to which they may be subjected.


Protruding ears result from either the failure of the ear cartilage to completely develop a specific fold( the antihelix) or the excessive development of a portion of the ear cartilage (the concha). By surgically recreating the absent fold and or reducing the excessive cartilage the appearance of a deformed ear can be corrected by Board Certified Chicago Plastic Surgeon, Dr. David A. Ross.


Otoplasty is an outpatient operation that must be performed under a general anesthetic for young children but can be accomplished with just local anesthesia in a cooperative adult. Dr. David A. Ross operates mostly through incisions located behind the ears that do of course result in scars. However, once the ears are pinned back usually only your hairdresser gets to see these scars.. Occasionally, incisions are placed on the outside of the ear but these are placed carefully in ear folds to hide the final scar. Chicago Plastic Surgeon Dr. David A. Ross then elevates the surface skin and gains access to the underlying cartilage. The next step is to recreate the absent fold by bending the cartilage with permanent sutures. If necessary, the excessively developed cartilage is removed as well. The skin incision is sutured, a bandage resembling a headband is applied and the operation terminated.


Postoperative pain is of moderate nature and easily controlled with analgesics. The bandage can be removed in one to two days after surgery and the results are immediately obvious. There can be some bruising apparent on the outside of the ear that can be visible from 7 to 10 days. Sutures are removed by day seven and showering and shampooing are possible right after the bandages are removed.

Other Procedures Performed by Chicago Plastic Surgeon, Dr. David A. Ross:

Otoplasty - is a plastic surgery procedure for correcting defects and reconstructing deformities of the outer ear.

Ear Reconstruction -When it comes to ear plastic surgery, each case is unique. This is because there is no one type of ear deformity. Individuals who suffer from microtia may be born with no outer ear, part of an ear or an ear that is disfigured. Luckily, this cosmetic ear surgery restores confidence and normalcy of youngsters who were born with this type of congenital ear defect once they reach the age of four years.

Ear Lobe Repair - Earlobe repair surgery is a quick outpatient procedure that typically requires only local anesthesia. Extra skin is excised, or surgically removed, from one or both earlobes to create clean edges, and the incisions are sutured closed.



Postoperative bleeding and infection occur but extremely rarely. Occasionally, the permanent sutures work their way to the surface and have to be removed. This can result in the unwinding of the recreated fold and this would require another surgery to replace the suture. Though the above information is accurate, it is also incomplete. The best way to determine that you are a candidate for Ear Pinning Surgery (Otoplasty Surgery) and the cost of Otoplasty Surgery is to schedule a personal consultation with Board Certified Chicago Plastic Surgeon, Dr. David A. Ross of the Liposuction and Cosmetic Surgery Institute located in Chicago Oak Brook, Naperville or Arlington Heights, Illinois. Chicago Plastic Surgeon, Dr. David A. Ross can critically analyze your ears and evaluate your aesthetic desires. That way Chicago Plastic Surgeon, Dr. David A. Ross can form a plan to determine how to achieve your aesthetic goals.